Pulley-Man is designed to be multi-functional and adaptable to perform the functions of a conventional hoist, winch and chainblock all together. CSW-3060 can load very quickly and easily regardless of working length, direction and condition, or whether it is vertical, horizontal or angled- as long as there is a secure anchor to hook on to.


A new concept of technology is applied to Pulley-Man. Thus, this product overcomes the limitations of frictional force, and braking force in the traditional pulley and wedge technologies applied to V-belt pulleys.
The new technology enables complete brake mesh and power transmission as the wire just passes the pulley in any direction or conditions without a separate braking device or locker. This technology not only enables unlimited working distance, but also overcomes the restrictions of operational directions such as horizon, angled and perpendicularity, unlike traditional pulley systems. This enables Pulley-Man to seamlessly move along the secured wire.

Automatic Braking System

Since Pulley-Man enables seamless braking for reverse rotation prevention, you don’t need a separate braking device. In this product, braking errors, which are the biggest weakness in a transport device, are addressed completely.
If an error occurs while lifting a heavy object, simply detach the motor from Pulley-Man. This operation will enable easy and safe braking. If the power of the motor is disconnected, the motor will be able to perform braking since it prevents its axis from continuing to rotate for the given amount of time.


High percentage of invention patents, small-sized, lightweight decelerator (Primary differential ring planetary decelerator) automatic deceleration of the brake (The gear of the decelerator enables braking for reverse rotation prevention).

Pulley-man features

  • Trouble-free automatic brake function (Latest Worldwide technology)
  • Unlimited working distance (Latest Worldwide technology)
  • Unlimited working condition (Latest Worldwide technology)
  • Smallest size & the lightest weight (3.5kg)
  • Both wire-loaded & unloaded type
  • Available for vertical, horizontal, inclined, setting-to-body, wire hook
  • Conveyance function: wire fix -> Pulley-Man move
  • Pulley-Man fix -> wire move
  • Applicable for various power resources (AC 220V, DC 12V, Air Motor, Engine & others)

Easy installation & disassembly; simple structure

Once the hook of this product, or the wire, is disconnected or detached, installation and disassembly is completed.

Simple structure & excellent capability for adapting to any use environment

Pulley-Man consists of its body and parts. The body is configured with a small-sized lightweight decelerator that enables automatic braking and a pulley. The parts consist of a motor and wires. CSW-3060 is designed for a combined use so that its operation capacity or motor can be used by adapting to the operation environment.

Economic effect

Because a pulley can be used in various workplace dimensions and situations, work usage exclusively, is very economical.

Lifting capacity

Pulley-Man model CSW-3060:

Single Line - Vertical: 300kg
Double Line - Vertical 600 kg

Lifting Capacity Boom

Recommended lift per cable length

1 Line 300kg 270kg 240kg 210kg 180kg 150kg
2 Lines 600kg 540kg 480kg 420kg 360kg 300kg


    1. The above instructions should be observed for safety.
    2. Use indoors only for safety on a rainy, snowy, windy, or dark day.
    3. Do not use in lifting expensive equipment.
    4. Do not ever lift a person!

Instance: Wire Hook


Pulley-Man Setting type
AC Motor/1 wire used


Pulley-Man Setting type
Hand Drill/2 wire used


Wire Hook Setting type
Hand Drill/1 wire used


Movable type crane


6 1500kg 3000kg
12 975kg 1950kg
16 825kg 1650kg
27 585kg 1170kg
35 450kg 900kg

Maximum weights by degrees when drawing a subject with wheels on the plane(kg) ↓


Existing winch


Pulley-man (CSW-3060)

*Product Function:

*Working Conditions:

*Work Length:

*Working Environment:


*Wire Length:

*Drum Size:

*Brake Function:

*Power Source:

Pulls vertical

Attach & Fix

Wire length degree coiled




Grow as wire length

Brake motor

DC motor, AC motor

Pulls vertical

Attach & Fix

Wire/chain length degree coiled



Grow as wire length

Brake motor

AC motor

Pulls horizontal, vertical, slanted

Hook use - anywhere





Is irrespective of wire length

Reducer brake, Motor brake

All power possibilities - AC drill, Charge drill, AC motor, DC motor, Air motor, Gasoline engine etc.